Annual Performance Report 2018/19

Our 2018/19 Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP) Annual Performance Report was presented to members of East Ayrshire Council and the Community Planning Partnership (CPP) Board at a Joint Engagement Event on 19 September 2019.  Following this event the report was approved by East Ayrshire Council and CPP Board at their respective meetings on 19 September 2019, and 26 September 2019.


      The LOIP Annual Performance Report 2018-19 comprises of the following sections:

A total of 113 performance measures are included in the Annual Performance Report 2018/19 and progress from an identified baseline position to March 2019 has been measured against a total of 112 measures, which is summarised as follows:

  • Improving progress (67 performance measures - 59.8%)
  • Maintaining progress (11 performance measures - 9.8%)
  • Review or improvement required (34 performance measures - 30.4%)

*Data updates are not available at this time for one performance measure, which is currently under review.


 High level updates in relation to the CPP Board’s Strategic Priorities have also been prepared:



In relation to addressing some of the areas for improvement identified within the 2018/19 performance report, the LOIP Improvement Agenda 2019 has been developed, which sets out some of the actions to be taken forward in the year ahead.  

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