Community Justice Ayrshire Partnership Draft Outcomes Improvement Plan

The Community Justice Ayrshire Partnership (CJAP) are pleased to share their Draft Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Plan 2024-2029 which can be accessed on their website - Draft Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Plan 2024-29 Consultation (  

The CJAP brings together statutory, and third sector organisations working together to reduce reoffending and improve outcomes for people affected by the justice system. This plan details activity the CJAP will take across Ayrshire to achieve the National Aims and National Outcomes for Community Justice. It has been developed through a collaborative process involving community justice partners, people delivering community justice services and people with lived experience of community justice.

Consultation on the plan will take place over the next four weeks and we would encourage you to share this across your networks and staff groups.  We welcome your comments, thoughts, and suggestions by completing a short survey –

The consultation will remain open until close of business on Wednesday 6th March 2024.


Community Planning Partnership Board Meeting 8 June 2023

Our CPP Board met on Thursday 8 June 2023, in a session that covered Community Justice, Children’s Services and the partnership work that is being taken forward in support of our agreed strategic priorities, Ayrshire Growth Deal and Caring for Ayrshire.

Community Justice

Martin Egan, Senior Manager, Justice Services, presented an update report on Community Justice. Community Justice is where people who have broken the law are held to account and supported to reconnect and contribute to their communities. In East Ayrshire the CPP Board has oversight of our Community Justice arrangements, which are in practice delegated to Community Justice Ayrshire (CJA). The report included an update on local Community Justice arrangements, reporting on this year’s Community Justice Plan and the implementation of the new National Strategy for Community Justice. Partners also had the opportunity to consider the forthcoming transition of HMP Kilmarnock from SERCO to the Scottish Prison Service in March 2024.

Children and Young People

Marion MacAulay, Head of Children’s Health Care and Justice Services/Chief Social Worker, presented an update on national and local developments relating to children and young people. The CPP Board has oversight of children and young people’s services planning in East Ayrshire, and this work is delegated to the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership. The report highlighted some important national and local developments, including the new East Ayrshire Children and Young People’s Services Plan which is currently being finalised, revised child poverty planning and reporting arrangements and the anticipated local implications of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The focus of the discussion was on making sure that local partners come together effectively to deliver our shared strategic ambitions for children and young people in East Ayrshire.

A Spotlight on our Strategic Priorities

Linda McAulay-Griffiths, Chief Education Officer, Head of Education and CP Strategic Lead for Economy and Skills; Craig McArthur, Director, East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership and CP Lead for Wellbeing; and Superintendent Derek Frew, Police Scotland presented to CPP Board Members on the work that is being taken forward across our partnership in support of our shared strategic priorities, Ayrshire Growth Deal and Caring for Ayrshire.

The emphasis of this discussion was on the cross cutting nature of this work, and the role that all partners have to play in developing a wellbeing economy in East Ayrshire, and ensuring that people right across our communities are able to benefit from this work – both now and in the longer term.

Date of Next Meeting

There will be 2 CPP Board meetings in September 2023:

  • Thursday 14 September 2023 (Joint Performance Engagement Session with Elected Members of EAC)
  • Thursday 21 September 2023


Community Power Place and Partnership Consultation

The Community Planning Partnership Board meeting of 9 March 2023 was used as an opportunity to consult with partners on the Community Power place and Partnership work that is being taken forward by the Council's Vibrant Communities Service.  Wider consultation is currently ongoing and further updates will be presented to a future CPP Board meeting.

Our 2023 CPP Board meeting dates are:

  • Thursday 14 September 2023 (joint performance engagement event with East Ayrshire Council)
  • Thursday 21 September 2023
  • Thursday 30 November 2023.