Community Planning Partnership Board Update

This blog post is here to tell you what's happening with the Community Planning Partnership Board – our last meeting was held on Thursday 13 June 2024.

The Board was asked to consider the new Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP) – and success! The Board approved the new LOIP for 2024-2027 and welcomed the more visual presentation of data in the new format.

The new LOIP reflects the shared partnership priorities that have been agreed over the course of our Community Plan Review.

GROWTH ICONGrowth: Economic growth is crucial for achieving the community planning vision. This includes supporting the economy, investing in skills and education, and promoting community wealth.

WELLBEING ICONWellbeing: Improving the health and wellbeing of people in East Ayrshire is a priority. This involves various aspects like child welfare, access to healthcare, support for older adults, and end-of-life care.

FAIRNESS ICONFairness: Addressing inequalities and creating a fair society is important. This includes tackling poverty, promoting equity, addressing crime, and supporting vulnerable people.

SUSTAINABILITY ICONSustainability: Ensuring environmental sustainability, community resilience, and the sustainability of partnership services are key. This involves actions like supporting environmental initiatives, empowering our communities to develop their own solutions to local issues, and adapting to demographic change.

These areas are interconnected, and addressing one often impacts others. For example, economic growth can improve fairness and sustainability in communities, and community health and wellbeing is fundamental to everything that we do.

More information on our priorities for the next three years can be found in the Community Plan Review Supplement.

Looking forward to seeing where we go next?

On 12 September 2024 we will bring together our community planning partners with Councillors for a joint performance engagement event. This will be about reflecting on the progress and challenges over the previous 3 years of the 2021-2024 Local Outcomes Improvement Plan, and using the data and learning from that to inform our 2024-2027 programme of work.