The first CPP Board meeting of 2020 took place in Council Chambers, Kilmarnock on Thursday 5 March 2020, with a spotlight on the CPP Board’s three current strategic priorities:


  • Older People – Adding Life to years - Tackling Social Isolation
  • Improving Outcomes for vulnerable children and young people - with a particular focus on looked after children and young carers
  • Community Led regeneration - Empowering People and Building Community Resilience.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to a presentation and discussion on Caring For Ayrshire, NHS Ayrshire and Arran’s ambitious transformational change programme for health and social care.

Strategic Priority:  Older People
Eddie Fraser, Director of Health and Social Care, was joined by Lorraine Fleming, NHS Health Improvement Officer, to provide an update report on partnership progress in relation to older people and social isolation.  A wide range of partners are involved in this activity, which is all about preventing people becoming  socially  isolated and, increasingly, this approach is becoming embedded in the work of the CPP.

Strategic Priority:  Children and Young People
Eddie was joined by Sina Currie, Senior Nurse Manager, NHS Ayrshire and Arran, to present another update report, this time about the work that is being done to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and young people, with a particular focus on looked after children and young carers.  The update highlighted the holistic approach that is being taken to support our young people and the wide range of partners involved in this work.

Partners also received an update on the development of a new Children and Young People’s Services Plan for East Ayrshire.  This is a statutory duty, and the Plan must set out the ways in which partners will continue to safeguard, support and promote child wellbeing. The new Plan, which will cover the three years 2020-23, will be brought back to the CPP Board for consideration and endorsement at its next meeting, June 2020.

Strategic Priority:  Community Led Regeneration
The last of the three current strategic priorities is Community Led Regeneration: Empowering People and Building Community Resilience, and this update was presented by Gwen Barker, Policy, Planning and Performance Manager, East Ayrshire Council.  Gwen highlighted the work of the Council’s Vibrant Communities Service and Planning and Economic Development, who have been instrumental in building capacity and supporting the delivery of this strategic priority.  In addition, the Council’s central Town Centre Regeneration Team has been working with a wide range of community groups, individuals, businesses and children and young people to support the implementation of identified actions.  And finally, Gwen also highlighted the key role played by social enterprises, voluntary organisations and community groups, which has also been essential in building capacity across East Ayrshire and in driving forward community-led regeneration.

Caring for Ayrshire
The CPP Board received a presentation from Dr Crawford McGuffie, Joint Medical Director, NHS Ayrshire and Arran, on the Caring for Ayrshire Transformational Change Programme which will see dramatic change and improvement over the next few years in the way Health and Care Services are delivered across Ayrshire.Following the presentation, a wide ranging discussion took place, covering a range of topics which included the importance of effective engagement with communities and local businesses in relation to the Caring for Ayrshire programme.Further information about Caring for Ayrshire can be found on the NHS Ayrshire and Arran website and there will be lots more consultation and engagement on this, across all of our communities in the months ahead.

The Chief Executive, East Ayrshire Council and the Chief Executive, NHS Ayrshire and Arran took the opportunity to reassure partners, that in respect of the potential Coronavirus epidemic, preparations were underway across Ayrshire and all precautionary action was being taken.

Changes to the CPP Board
This was the last CPP Board meeting for both Arthur Cairns and Beth Griffin, who are stepping down as Community Council Representatives.  Members of the CPP Board took the opportunity to thank them for their contribution to the Community Planning Partnership Board, and on behalf of the Community Planning Partnership, wished them well for the future.

It was also the last CPP Board meeting for Gwen Barker, Policy, Planning and Performance Manager, who is taking early retirement from East Ayrshire Council.  In thanking Gwen for her service to the Community Planning Partnership, Members acknowledged the commitment and valued contribution that Gwen had made to Community Planning in East Ayrshire.  She will be greatly missed.

Date of Next Meeting
The next CPP Board meeting will take place on Thursday 17 September 2020.



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