"Positive health and wellbeing is at the heart of our community planning arrangements. We recognise that there are significant challenges in respect of the wellbeing of our communities and will work through our Integrated Health and Social Care arrangements to tackle these challenges."

Wellbeing theme

Detailed below are the priorities under the Wellbeing theme which we will work to achieve over the lifetime of the Community Plan 2015-2030.

  • Children and young people, including those in early years and their carers, are supported to be active, healthy and to reach their potential at all life stages.
  • All residents are given the opportunity to improve their wellbeing, to lead an active, healthy life and to make positive lifestyle choices.
  • Older people and adults who require support and their carers are included and empowered to live the healthiest life possible.
  • Communities are supported to address the impact that inequalities have on the health and wellbeing of our residents.

Wellbeing Delivery Plan

We will continue to provide opportunities for residents to improve their overall wellbeing, lead an active healthy life and make positive lifestyle choices. The local outcomes and priority actions which we will take forward as Partners can be found in the Delivery Plan for Wellbeing.

What success will look like


  • Our children will have better life chances, particularly those in our most deprived communities.
  • All vulnerable young people will secure a positive destination when leaving school and be supported into adulthood.
  • We will have halted the levels of overweight and obesity among children and adults.
  • People who use our services will have healthy, active lifestyles.
  • We will have reduced the impact of alcohol and drugs misuse through a focus on recovery-oriented care.
  • We will have reduced inequalities and narrowed the gap between the most and least deprived communities.
  • People who use our services will have a healthy life expectancy and an improving quality of life.
  • People who use our services will have improved mental wellbeing and reducing mental illness.
  • Older and vulnerable people will live independently in their own homes and be well cared for in the community.
  • Older people will have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to community life, and we will value their skills, experience and expertise.
  • Increased support will be provided for carers, thereby allowing more people to be cared for at home.
  • We will have reduced the impact of Welfare Reform on our residents and communities through maximising the capacity and effect of Financial Inclusion services.
  • People will feel able to look after and improve their own health and wellbeing.