As a partnership, in consultation with our communities, we have identified three themes which we will focus on during the life of our Community Plan. 

  •   Economy and Skills;
  •  Safer Communities, and
  •  Wellbeing.

 The following cross cutting issues will also be addressed through the three Delivery Plans: 

  •   tackling inequality;
  •  early intervention and prevention;
  •  lifelong learning, and
  •  ensuring that the strengths and opportunities within communities and maximised.


Delivery Plans 

Our Executive Officers’ Group ensures effective implementation and appropriate monitoring and evaluation of the Delivery Plans and a strategic lead officer has been identified for each of the themes:

  • Economy and Skills:   Chief Education Officer, East Ayrshire Council
  • Safer Communities: Divisional Commander, Police Scotland
  • WellbeingDirector of Health and Social Care, East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership