"The key driver underpinning our future prosperity and the ability to realise thepotential of our communities is a local economy which develops and achieves sustainable growth. Delivering economic recovery and growth will contribute to improved outcomes for young and old, improved health, employment, inclusion, and safer and stronger communities."

Detailed below are the priorities under our Economy and Skills theme which we will work to achieve over the lifetime of the Community Plan 2015-2030.

  • Make East Ayrshire a destination of choice for business growth and investment
  • Develop a confident, successful, appropriately qualified and skilled workforce
  • Embed ambition, aspiration and entrepreneurship in our culture


Economy and Skills Delivery Plan

The local outcomes and priority actions which we will progress as Partners can be found in the Delivery Plan for Economy and Skills.

Further Information

  1. COMMUNITY PLAN 2015-2030

What success will look like


  • We will have a well-established and growing business base.
  • We will have stronger and more diverse economic growth opportunities.
  • We will have increased infrastructure and employment sites that support business investment and expansion.
  • We will have improved connectivity, including road and rail, and the communications network.
  • Our town centres will be revitalised and attractive locations for living, visiting and working.
  • Kilmarnock and Cumnock town centres will be places where local people and visitors want to spend time and money.
  • We will have a flourishing cultural and tourism economy.
  • All our young people will be well educated and provided with the opportunity of a positive destination when leaving school.
  • We will have a skilled and well qualified workforce, which is responsive to change and ready to meet business need.
  • We will have grown our enterprise culture to support our entrepreneurs.