Community Planning Partnership Board Meeting March 2018

At its meeting of 29 March 2018 the CPP Board celebrated the successful partnership working which was highlighted in the report of our recent Children and Young Peoples Inspection; but also looked forward to building on progress to date, with the launch of our new thematic Delivery Plans and Local Outcomes Improvement Plan 2018-2021.

East Ayrshire Children and Young People’s Services Inspection Report

Members considered the findings of recently published Care Inspectorate Report of the joint inspection of services for children and young people in East Ayrshire.  The inspection covered a range of Community Planning Partnership agencies that play a key role in providing services for children, young people and families.

Board Members noted that the inspection reported positively on a number of indicators that have an impact on the health, safety and wellbeing of children and young people of all ages, from pre-birth right through to leaving school and into adulthood; and welcomed the inspectorate’s recognition that robust and collective leadership by partners was contributing to improving the wellbeing and life chances of children and young people growing up in East Ayrshire.

The full inspection report is available on the Care Inspectorate website.

Community Plan Review

The Board considered the outcome of the first 3 yearly review of the Community Plan, and endorsed the new thematic Delivery Plans which have been developed, outlining the priority actions which will be taken forward across the partnership over the next 3 years, 2018-2021.  The three Delivery Plans cover:

 The Board also signed off the new local Outcomes Improvement Plan 2018-2021 link (LOIP) which is the performance management framework which underpins the Delivery Plans.  As a partnership we will report our progress against the targets set within the LOIP to our communities annually each September.

Local Outcomes Improvement Plan 2018

 Strategic Priorities

In addition to the activity set out within the Delivery Plans, the Board agreed the following three strategic Priorities, which will be a focus for targeted partnership activity over the next 3 years: 

  • Improving outcomes for vulnerable children and young people
  • Older people - adding life to years
  • Community regeneration and empowerment

Regular updates on progress will be provided to future CPP Board meetings

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