East Ayrshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership (EAADP) sits within the Health and Social Care Partnership and works with community planning partners to reduce alcohol and drug-related harms.

ADPs were established within each council area by the Scottish Government, in order to improve multi-agency working and better co-ordinate services to combat alcohol and drug-related issues and work towards establishing healthier communities.

Understanding that alcohol and drug issues rarely exist in isolation and are closely related to issues of crime and justice, poverty and deprivation, education, and physical and mental health, EAADP aims to reduce alcohol and drug problems through multi-agency working.

Strategic Improvement Plan

The Alcohol and Drugs Partnership (ADP) has recently produced its Strategic Improvement Plan. This outlines what steps the ADP will take to develop a fully-functioning Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC) by 2024, and establishes six improvement areas that the ADP will fulfil:

  • Support, where people receive effective, integrated, person-centred support that helps achieve recovery, and where children and families affected by alcohol and drug use will be safe, healthy, and included in the recovery process
  • Stigma, where communities in East Ayrshire do not discriminate towards those who have drug and alcohol use issues
  • Prevention and early intervention, where fewer people develop alcohol and drug issues
  • Engagement and co-production, where people can access, navigate, manage, challenge, and provide feedback to the ADP
  • Trauma, where treatment and recovery services are trauma-informed and aligned to community requirements
  • Justice, where people affected by alcohol and drug use are diverted from the justice system where possible, and those receiving treatment are fully supported

Please click here to access the full Strategic Improvement Plan.

An Easy Read version of the plan is available here

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