Community Plan Review 2020-21

During 2020-21, colleagues from across our Community Planning Partnership reviewed our Community Plan 2015-2030. The review was undertaken within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a clear focus on those areas where we must redouble our efforts to ensure the greatest impact on tackling inequality

The outcomes of the review are reflected in a Community Plan Review Supplement which articulates the current context, along with the challenges and opportunities that have emerged. As we look to the next three years, the supplement highlights two strategic priorities – the Ayrshire Growth Deal and Caring for Ayrshire.

Together these represent an unprecedented level of investment and transformation in the region and we will want to maximise their impact and benefit for local communities across East Ayrshire. We have also taken the opportunity to review and update our thematic Delivery Plans – Economy and SkillsSafer Communities and Wellbeing.

The Community Planning Partnership Board endorsed all of the recommendations arising from the review, including the new Strategic Priorities, at its meeting of 10 June 2021. East Ayrshire Council also agreed, at its own meeting on 24 June 2021, to adopt these shared strategic priorities for the next three years.

Both the CPP Board and Council also approved our new Local Outcomes Improvement Plan for 2021-24, which allows us to measure and report on the future performance of our partnership. The LOIP, and related suite of performance information, will allow us to demonstrate the impact of our partnership work on the priorities which have been identified with our communities and wider stakeholders.