East Ayrshire Residents’ Panel is a representative group of approximately 1,000 local residents which was established to allow community planning partners to gain an increased understanding of residents’ views and to increase community consultation in relation to the planning and development of services.

 Panel members are invited to participate on formal consultations, by mail or email, or to act as ‘focus groups’ or to attend particular consultation events, all of which can be initiated by any of our Community Planning Partners.  This has previously included involvement in participatory budgeting, Local Development Plan consultation and the Community Plan Review which informed development of our current Community Plan and related Delivery Plans.       

Consultation Results

Community Consultation on Alcohol (May 2018)
The results of the Community Consultation on Alcohol undertaken by the Alcohol and Drug Partnership are now available to view and download.  Listed below is a summary of the results collated from the Consultation:

  • 720 people from East Ayrshire responded to the survey.
  • 39% of respondents felt that, in principle, alcohol should be less easily available.
  • 24% thought that there were too many off-sales in their area.
  • 66% thought that the number of on-sales in their area was about right.
  • 84% of respondents said that they did buy alcohol.
  • Supermarkets were the most popular premise where people bought their alcohol.
  • 11% reported that they bought theirs from small convenience stores.
  • For 74% the place where they bought alcohol was in the town where they lived.
  • 63% of people disagreed with the statement: “there is nothing wrong with people my age getting drunk regularly”.
  • 67% of respondents disagreed that “getting drunk occasionally was all part of what it is to be Scottish”.
  • 70% of participants expressed that alcohol caused a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of harm to people in East Ayrshire.

Get Involved

The Resident’s Panel is formally ‘refreshed’ every few years.  If you are an East Ayrshire resident who would like to be involved in future Panel consultations, then please contact us

  • Phone:
    01563 576000

  • Policy, Planning & Performance Division, East Ayrshire Council, London Rd, Kilmarnock KA3 7BU

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